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Introducing the sensational phenomenon that took the Gold Coast by storm in 2020, now making its dazzling debut in Brisbane! Prepare to be captivated by the irresistible allure of SUAVÉ, The Pink Flamingo’s iconic resident production.
SUAVÉ flawlessly blends the artistry of burlesque, the glamour of Vegas, and uproarious comedy in an unforgettable evening of world-class entertainment that will have you on the edge of your seat.
Be prepared to have your mind blown by astonishing acrobatics that defy the imagination, daring aerial spectacles that will leave you breathless, and witness the unbelievable prowess of cirque acts that push the boundaries of possibility.
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Gates 6pm
Doors and pre-show entertainment from 7pm
Experiences: Platinum and Gold 6.30pm

Show Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Bronze: $88 (2 people)
Silver: $108 (2 people)
Gold: $128 (2 people)
Platinum: $168 (2 people)


Gates 5pm
Doors and pre-show entertainment from 6pm
Experiences: Platinum and Gold 5.30pm

Show Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Bronze: $98
Silver: $128
Gold: $148
Platinum: $188

Saturday Night

Gates 5:00pm
Doors and pre-show entertainment from 6pm
Experiences: Platinum and Gold 5:30pm

Show Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Bronze: $108
Silver: $148
Gold: $178
Platinum: $218

What our flockers have to say

We went to the Suave show and saying it was amazing is an understatement. Everything from dancing, comedy, acrobatics, interacting with the crowd - just incredible .... If you have not done this you need to!!!


The Suave show was absolutely sensational. The dancing and acrobats were world class, and having seen Moulin Rouge twice in Paris, this show , although smaller, was certainly up there!! We girls had such a fun night. It was hilarious in parts as the comedian was great and what a memory for names!! We will definitely be back!


I have seen the Suave show 3 times, and still want more! The burlesque dancers are so enthralling to watch, and the skill level of the acrobatics and circus performing is breathtaking. Great service. Great show. Great price.


OMG fantastic show, will suit everyone. It’s interactive, full of comedy dancing, acrobatics and singing are phenomenal. Take a group of friends or family everyone will have a blast.


We saw the Vegas Cabaret Show – Suave. If you have not been yet... We highly recommend it... Glamorous, glitzy, funny, and breathtakingly spectacular! Felt like we were in a 1940's Hollywood movie! Just loved it!!

Gilly Thomas

Absolutely amazing! Stunning performers and lovely staff! Everyone was really in character the entire night and thats what turned it into not just a show, but an experience. It is a Beautiful venue and I would come back here a million times over. Definitely worth the money, surprised it didn't cost more. Table service was great, didn't have to wait long for drinks at all. 20/10 if I could.


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