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Immerse yourself in the thrill of La Teaze, the inaugural late-night extravaganza brought to you by The Pink Flamingo. Elevating entertainment to unprecedented heights, brace yourself to enter a realm of sophisticated indulgence and embark on this tantalising journey.

Inspired by the legendary spectacles of the Crazy Horse Paris and the iconic Moulin Rouge, La Teaze stands as a tribute to Parisian grandeur with a seductive twist. We’ve reinvented the art of sensual performance, infusing it with sass, glamour, and a generous dash of provocativeness.

Our cast of enchanting girls and guys are true virtuosos of the La Teaze, masters of the provocative art form that’s as daring as it is delightful. Fearlessly flaunting their talents and allure, they’ll whisk you away into a realm where inhibitions fade and the pulse of the night takes over.

Join us at the point; where elegance meets temptation, and the night unveils its secrets.

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Gates 8:30pm
Doors 9pm
Experiences: Platinum 8:30pm and Gold 8.30pm

Show Time: 9:30pm-10:30pm

Platinum: $108
Gold: $88
Silver: $68
Bronze: $48


Gates 8:30pm
Doors 9pm
Experiences: Platinum 8:30pm and Gold 8.30pm

Show Time: 9:30pm-10:30pm

Platinum: $118
Gold: $98
Silver: $78
Bronze: $58

What our flockers have to say

The show was great, the music was catchy and hard to take your eyes off the dancers.


A must do! Exceeded all our expectations, world class show!! Such kind staff and the show is spectaculair! It's really classy and the people on the show are gorgeous, incredibly good, funny and kind!

Missa V

Have now seen La Teaze twice and highly recommend staying for a different experience. Always an amazing night due to the fantastic staff and performers.


The Pink Flamingo is a fabulous night out. With its gorgeous pink and gold decor, delicious cocktails and highly entertaining shows you can't go wrong. The late night show, La Teaze - sexy, sultry dance and circus/aerial work. This is a great attraction for a night out.


Went to the La Teaze show and it was amazing. You are never disappointed when seeing any of their shows, I've been there 6 times now and it's definitely something everyone should see no matter your age. A mix of burlesque, circus soleil, comedy and cheek, don't miss it.


I have been to similar shows in London and Paris and Pink Flamingo was honestly better than anything I've ever seen or experienced before.


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